WSFS Business Meeting

A PDF draft agenda for the Business Meeting has been released. For any questions, please email


WSFS: You’re a Member

If you’re a member of Discon III, you’re already a member of WSFS, the World Science Fiction Society. WSFS manages the official business of the Society. WSFS has no board of directors or executive; its activities are conducted by each Worldcon committee and its membership is made up of the members of the current Worldcon. Members like you! 

WSFS manages only three areas, but they are what define a Worldcon!

  1. The Hugo Awards Administration runs the actual Hugo Awards election. (The Hugo Awards Ceremony is run by Events.)
  2. Site Selection manages the site selection election to choose the site of the Worldcon two years hence; e.g., in 2021 we will choose the site of the 2023 Worldcon.
  3. The WSFS Business Meeting is where changes to the WSFS rules, including the Hugo Awards and Site Selection, are debated and voted upon

All attending and supporting members of Discon III are eligible to nominate and vote on the final ballot for the Hugo Awards, to vote on Worldcon site selection, and to participate in the Business Meeting. You must be an attending member to actually attend and vote at the Business Meeting; however, supporting members may submit business. Worldcon is not just a convention; it’s a society, and you’re a member of it.

As a WSFS member (through Discon III) you are entitled:

  • to nominate works for the 2021 Hugo Awards, the Astounding Award for Best New Writer and the Lodestar Award for Best Young Adult Book (closed).
  • to vote for those awards once the final ballot has been published.
  • to vote for the location of the 2023 Worldcon.
  • to attend the WSFS Business meetings during the convention

To learn more about the business meeting, click here.

WSFS Constitution and Rules

The current rules and constitution can be found on the WSFS web site.


In 2020, the 78th Worldcon, CoNZealand, was forced to hold only a limited Business Meeting due to the COVID-19 pandemic. At the meeting, they defeated all constitutional amendments up for ratification and then passed the same amendments for the first time. This effectively postponed the ratification of all amendments, and passed them on to DisCon III for ratification in 2021. (Minutes and a recording of the CoNZealand Business Meeting are available on the WSFS web site.)

The agenda for DisCon III’s Business Meeting therefore already includes the Business Passed on to DisCon III by CoNZealand. As further items are added to the agenda, we will publish information here.

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